Audio stream translator for computer. Any sound in a foreign language currently sounding on the computer is intercepted by the program, and a translation in your native language is displayed in the form of captions.

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About the program

Live speech translation

Liliya Translate is a unique translator that makes free communication with people from different countries real. It makes it possible to understand the speech of the interlocutor and respond in a language that he understands. The program captures the audio stream from the computer speakers, recognizes speech, translates it into the desired language, and displays the translation in the form of titles

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Communicate fluently in different languages ​​of the world

With the help of Liliya Translate you can expand your social circle, find new friends, use the translator for negotiations with foreign partners or employers

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Watch video and listen to audio

You can freely watch and listen to any films, podcasts and audio books in the original language. It doesn't matter where the sound source comes from - YouTube, Vimeo, Whatsapp, Skype, Zoom. The translation will be displayed as titles.

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Credit replenishment

  • The program uses "credits" to translate a certain amount of text. To top up your balance, use the button below. Also, you can go to the Balance tab in the program, and replenish credits by clicking

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Not just sound!

The program can also recognize your voice from the microphone and translate it into a foreign language, automatically copying the translation to the clipboard. You can also copy a foreign text (for example, messages from instant messengers) and press the "Paste" button to get the finished translation.